The Presbyterian Reformation tradition upholds a belief in “the priesthood of all believers.” We welcome and depend on the many hands that make work light and joyful.

Our Pastor is the Rev. Sandy Faison, retired PCUSA minister, most recently pastor in Fairbanks, AK, who has come out of retirement to lead our Highlands congregation. Sandy is our lead person for worship and for faith and spiritual development, in partnership with many other hands and hearts.

Our Pianist and Lead Musician is Andy Hughes, raised with devotion to the Episcopalian discipline and serving Highlands with Presbyterian verve for eight years. Highlands is also inspired by several other superb musicians who bless us regularly with their instruments, voices and spirits.

Our Committees include our Session (church board), Communications & Growth, Programs, and Facilities, each with responsibilities for maintaining and enhancing the health of the congregation and the well-being of all who participate here.